Parent Comments

“Your passion, knowledge & energy have been appreciated so much over these past two sessions. You have enriched our life with music."

Jaime, mother of toddler

"He very much enjoys music class & often asks to go on other days. Thanks for being so good with the kids!"

Karen, mother of 5-year-old

“Thank you for all the joyous years of music! You have taught my children to love and appreciate music and you have filled our lives with friendship!”

Susan, mother of Musikgarten graduates and piano students.

“The atmosphere Glenda cultivates is so embracing and inclusive, it’s a joy to attend. The children are encouraged to use various instruments that we would normally not have access to. Miss Glenda has years of experience with children and loves her job, and that is quite obvious.”

Kat, mother of toddler

“She is making up songs, sometimes with words, often with fa or la sounds creating a melody. Her interaction with others, her listening and patterning skills have really advanced."

Catherine, grandmother


“I like how the instruments are incorporated into the class. It gives the children hands on experience with various instruments and their sounds. (At home) my children sing the songs and dance and move to the music on the CD’s. My son actually uses his voice to sing songs. He was very quiet before taking these classes.   ..We loved your classes Glenda.”

Rose, mother of 4-year-old twins

“I wanted to mention that we are really enjoying your classes!  I really appreciate how enthusiastic you are with us, how welcoming and accepting you are with the kids, and how you really go with the flow, how the kids are doing each week.  Thanks for all of your helpful comments about how the kids learn or how parents can help in and out of class too!  We are both learning so much from you!”

Alison, mother of 2-year-old

“We appreciate your patience and positive attitude towards our kids all these years”

Donna, mother of Musikgarten graduates

“It has been very fun to be able to play various numbers of songs ranging from classical to contemporary music. You have given me tons of encouragement and feedback to continue playing the piano…I will continue to play music with greatest efforts.”

Parker, Musikgarten graduate and piano student grade 7 RCM